"The future belongs to those

who learn more skills and

combine them in

creative ways"

-Robert Greene

Teddy Love

About Graphite Academy

With the world shifting from an industry based economy to a knowledge based economy, the skill sets required to excel in the 21st century are no longer purely academic based. 

Founded upon this philosophy, Graphite Academy seeks to equip our students with such essential skills to prepare them for a border-less and fast paced world of tomorrow.

Why Graphite Academy?

Passionate Team

Our teaching team comprises of curriculum specialists who have taught for years in Singapore Schools. Our teachers are selected based upon their passion for teaching and a desire to add value in their students lives.

Think Differently Think Globally
At the core​ of our teaching philosophy, we value the ability to think differently and think globally. We want our students to be equipped with the necessary thinking skills that eventually becomes a core foundation for their learning and development.

Active Parent Engagement
At Graphite Academy, we seek to involve parents in the learning process of their child. Our teachers are trained to identify key strengths and weaknesses in their students and relay such critical information to the parents. 

Small Class Sizes
Our classes are limited to a small group of students. This creates an extremely conducive learning environment and helps to facilitate the thinking process

Curriculum designed to challenge
Our Curriculum is designed to stretch and challenge students to think beyond what is already prescribed. In doing so, our students progress at a much faster rate as their minds are constantly engaged on solving bigger and more complicated problems.

We Live Our Philosophy
Our teams are encouraged to live our philosophy of "Think differently Think Globally". Through this focus our teams are constantly innovating and optimizing to create the best learning process and environment suitable for your child.