"Everyone should know how to program 

a computer because it teaches

you how to think"

- Steve Jobs

Looking for Quality Coding Programs?

Look no further! At Graphite Academy our coding programs are designed to nurture a child's ability to think. With a heavy focus on the learning process your child will be able to acquire critical 21st century skills while learning important coding skills preparing them holistically for a digital and fast paced economy.

Our teachers are trained to provide a comprehensive and closely guided learning structure to help students overcome their aversion to learning coding. Our teachers are also trained to observe the thought processes of a child just by looking at their code hence they are open to different answers for the same question as long as the though process remains correct.

Introducing Our Coding Road Map

Graphite Academy's coding road map is designed based upon the philosophy that "everyone should know how to program a computer".  Our road map focuses on guiding a child step by step towards the end goal of mastering the more popular programming language used today, 'python'.

Our road map took into consideration a child's natural abilities and natural learning curve during their age group and implemented programs (coding platforms and robots) that would be most suited for their learning. 

Our programs are split into 3 levels. Beginner, Intermediate & Advance catering to different levels of mastery in our students.

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