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Our Curriculum

Curriculum that evolves Because technology keeps advancing

We take your child's learning seriously. 

With a team of curriculum specialists, our team researches, creates, designs and updates lesson materials ensuring lesson stays relevant and engaging.

These lessons are designed to draw parallels from things happening around them and are built around internationally researched and accredited frameworks ensuring that your child enjoys learning and applys these learnings beyond the classroom. 

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Key Features of our Curriculum
Follows Internationally Accredited Standards

Our lesson materials are developed based upon internationally recognized standards. These frameworks have been heavily researched by academics in the industry and have received support and recognition from major tech firms globally. When we say quality education, we mean it.

Relevancy to school syllabus

With our experience in the local school markets, our curriculum is further adapted tested and enhanced through the local school systems. This means relevancy to schools syllabus and that the best materials are then developed and enhanced for your childs education.

Coding or Robotics?
It's Computer Science

Answering the age old question coding or robotics? What we focus on is a holistic approach to computer science education. This means as your child journeys through their education with us, they will learn the fundamentals required in the fast and vast world of technology.


Our lessons are designed with checkpoints to test for understanding and familiarity with each particular subject. 
This means progression is built into our programmes structure and our lesson materials ensuring your child truly progresses over time.

Pedagogy in Programmes
Trial Classes

Designed to introduce students into the world of coding & for our teachers to asses a students grasp and recommend the appropriate track to follow.

Weekly Classes

Designed to go in depth and prepare students for tertiary education or a career in teaching computer science. Weekly programmes also build up a students portfolio for Direct School Admission (DSA) through the Coding & Robotics route.

Holiday Programmes

Designed to be exploratory and engaging in nature. These programmes are usually thematic based and designed to be fun, engaging and simulates topics / themes that are occuring around us.