Code OnDemand

Online Tutorial

When we say Think Differently Think Globally, we mean it. 

At Graphite Academy, we bring you our Code OnDemand program.

Available in the comfort of your home, wherever you are in the world, any time you prefer. 

Get ready for an education journey like no other. 

*Designed for students ages 9-12

A personalised learning experience

​At Graphite Academy, we believe that learning is a personal experience and technology enhances this experience.

This is why our our OnDemand lessons are designed differently.


Each child is assigned lessons covering critical theoretical concepts through our video lessons. They then apply these concepts through our platform and finally proceed to a in-person 1-1 consultation with our teacher before progressing to other modules.

Video Lessons

Access ​our library of video lessons recorded and taught by our experienced teachers. 

Designed for children ages 9-12, your child will learn important coding concepts with our teachers.

With years of teaching experience under our teachers belt, you can rest assure complicated concepts are easily distilled down into simple explanations

Hand-On Practice

Your child will then apply concepts learned in class via hands-on practice through the many platform we use. 

Our teachers will monitor your child's practice through the same platform ensuring that the teacher is aware of mistakes or concepts that require further explanation

Personalised 1-1 consultation

With theory and practical covered, your child will proceed for a 30 minutes, 1-1 consultation with the assigned teacher.

Here, any questions your child may have will be addressed by the teacher. Any concepts that requires explanation will also be covered during this consultation window. 

*Note: student will not be allowed to progress with lesson further until consultation is completed. This ensures that our lessons are truly holistic