Track Record

"A man's mind stretch by new ideas 

may never return to it's 

original dimensions" 


Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr

Graphite Academy started out in 2016 by supplying quality trainers to companies that conduct training & enrichment (coding) programs in MOE Schools. 

Within 3 Years, Graphite Academy boasted a team of 60 trainers and to date has taught in 36% of Singapore Schools. Our trainers constantly receive positive feedback from the schools we serve and have been requested to extend their services to schools.

As the company grew, Graphite Academy expanded into offering curriculum development for companies. Today,our content is being sold and used across Asia.

As a pioneer in the coding space, our strength lies in the conduct of our lesson.  Through our unique teaching methodology we have received immense success in educating and developing a child's learning.

Today we offer private classes for our programs designed to educate a child to think differently & think globally while instilling important skill sets that are critical and desperately needed in today's technological world.