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Our Teachers

Teachers that empower

Our teachers don't just teach, they empower your child. 

Our teachers spur your child's learning curiosity ensuring they want to learn more, do more and eventually be more.

Teacher and Student
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Professional Development

Throughout the year, we ensure our teachers undergo constant professional development. This is done through our affliation with the Computer Science Teachers Association of Singapore ensuring our teachers constantly delivers quality lessons in tandem with our materials.

Complexity made simple

The world of coding & robotics can get pretty complex. This is where our teachers are trained to deliver complex concepts in simple to understand terms. 

We reduce the use of technical jargon and use everyday examples to draw parallel to computer science concepts covered. Ensuring simple explanations designed to suit your childs understanding.

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Hiring Quality Educators

While we hire teachers on a regular basis, only a handful of teachers we work with eventually make it to teach in our centres. Potential applicants go through a 4 step hiring process before joining us as an educator and before teaching in our centres another 3 step process. This ensures we bring to you the best educators trained to deliver education concepts well.

Teachers & Curriculum

Our curriculum team works closely with our teachers to ensure that the lesson objectives, deliverables and necessary check points are met. 

This synergy between our curriculum team and teachers ensures that we consistently deliver quality education to your child.

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