Progressive Education

Weekly Classes 

Our weekly classes are designed according to internationally accredited standards and  curated to be progressive. This ensures your child is well equipped with the necessary skillsets to pursue a career as a coding teacher or further education in computer science (tertiary). 

These programmes are conducted either online or in person at one of our centres providing convenience to our students.


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Programmes for Different Ages

Ages 4-6

Students are introduced to screenless / tactile coding. This ensures your child has a headstart in the world of coding.


Ages 7-12

Students embark on block-based coding. This provides students with a clear foundation of the fundamentals of coding and prepares them for secondary education.


Ages 13-16

Students embark on text-based coding languages like Python, Javascript and others. Equipping them with in demand skills and gearing them for tertiary education.

Portfolio Preparation
Banded Learning

Starting ages 7 and above, our programmes are further segregated into bands. Our programmes are structured this way in accordance with internationally and locally recognized standards ensuring that students learn the appropriate and relevant concepts according to their education levels. This ensures true progression over time and equips your child with the skills to thrive in tertiary education.

Students in our weekly classes will start building their own Direct School Admission DSA portfolio as they journey through their coding education journey with us. This ensures that when the need arises, your child will have built a bank of works, codes and knowledge over time giving them an edge when applying for DSA to their preferred school.