Think Series of Programmes

Weekly Coding Classes with a twist
Introducing our Think Series of programmes.

We've taken the best of what we've learned and curated over the years, condensed and improved upon our content and we proudly present, a structured and progressive coding curriculum designed to impart critical thinking skills, coding literacy and computational thinking principles to your child.

Each Think category focuses on a different pillar of our pedagogy designed to impart critical 21st century skill sets.

Our Learning Journey



Weekly Coding Classes

Trial Classes

Each Trial class lasts for 45 minutes and is designed to accomplish two objectives.

The first objective is to expose your child to the world of digital literacy and the second objective is for our teachers to evaluate your child's current coding ability and recommend a suitable track for him to participate in. 

During this Trial Class, your child will be exposed to the basics of coding recommended for their current age group.

Weekly Classes

Our Think series of programmes are designed for students ages 5-12. Each category focuses around an extra skill set as indicated by name.


Each track is designed in tandem according to your child's ability and progresses seamlessly towards the next level. 

Classes are further divided into three segments per track. Level 1 , Level 2 Level 3. Each level concludes with a evaluation or test administered by us to ensure your child has grasped the concepts well and is now capable of progressing on to more advance concepts.

Experience a truly progressive coding learning journey by signing up for a trial class today

Note: In order to ensure we recommend the right programmes and provide quality education for your child, weekly classes can only be booked in person at a trial class.

Level 3
12 Sessions x 2 Hours
Level 2
12 Sessions x 1.5 Hours
Level 1
8 Sessions x 1.5 Hours
Think Creatively
Screenless Coding (Ages 4-6)
Think Logically
Stories & Coding (Ages 6-8)
Think Differently
Fundamentals of Coding (Ages 7-10)
Think Globally
Applications of Coding (Ages 9-12)
Think Extraordinarily
Bridging from Block to Text-Based (Ages 9-12)
Think Beyond
Text - Based Coding (Ages 12+)